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雅思口语例文:Describe a foreign food you ate

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  示例范文:Describe a foreign food you ate

  1. Do you like to try new food? 你喜欢尝试新食物吗?

  Oh yes, I do. I would even say I adore it. First of all, I like to say 'yes' to everything new because the thrill of the unknown fills me with strong positive emotions.

  Food is fun and trying new dishes can be a great adventure, adventure of opening new tastes and flavors, adventure of getting acquainted with new cuisines. Variety is the spice of life and it's wrong not to take advantage of it. Life is too short to eat the same and miss out on the new opportunities which can bring great experience and inspiration and, as a result, enrich my life.

  2. What kinds of foreign food are popular in your country? 哪类外国食物在你的国家受欢迎?

  Well, a lot of them actually. People in my country enjoy eating foreign food both at home and somewhere out, and they are spoilt for choice with different kinds of cafes and restaurants, especially in big cities. I guess the most popular kinds of food are Italian and Chinese. First of all because there are plenty of restaurants with these kinds of food all around the country, and, secondly, because these foods have their distinctive features. For example, Italian cuisine has a unique identity and is famous for its simplicity, and high quality of the ingredients, what is more, it is very healthy. As far as Chinese cuisine is concerned, it is sheer diversity and basic goodness of the food that impress people. It also tastes good and has a wonderful flavor.

  3. Do you like to cook at home? 你喜欢在家做饭吗?

  Oh yes, I adore it. Cooking at home is always a fun time with my family 'cause we like to cook together. It gives me a feeling of freedom as well as lets me control my family's health. What is more, it lets me save money as I have a choice about where and how many products to buy. One more thing I can add is that homemade food tastes much better, especially when I see happy faces of my beloved ones enjoying the meal.

  4. Is it expensive to eat out in your country? 在你的国家外出就餐贵吗?

  I think it depends on where to eat, the same as everywhere in the world. If you choose a posh restaurant for having dinner and plan to order a fine bottle of wine to pair with your food, you must be ready that it will cost a fortune. But if you just need a change of scenery and opt for a cafe, it's quite affordable. To sum up, there is an appropriate place for everyone in my country irrespective of their income.

  5. More and more people are unwilling to cook. Why is this happening? 越来越多的人不愿意做饭了,为什么?

  Well, I guess it's, first of all, happening so because more and more people are time-pressed these days while cooking is time consuming and takes too much effort after a long day's work. It involves not only cooking itself but also grocery shopping, which takes too long and often requires multiple trips to different stores, and deciding what to cook, which is too much of a burden as requires a lot of planning. Secondly, people nowadays simply don't bother about cooking as there are so many other choices like fast food, takeaway or frozen dishes that can be microwaved any moment they want to eat. One more reason I can mention is the fact that many young people lack confidence and skills in the kitchen as a result, feel ill-equipped to coo,

  6. Is food now better than in the past? 现在的食物变得比过去更好了吗?

  Well, unfortunately, it isn't more often than not. First of all, faster or processed foods have become the norm these days. A lot of them contain genetically, modified ingredients and are full of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, which makes them unhealthy. What is more, many foods contain only half the vitally important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals compared to the past. The only way to stay healthy these days is to eat organically grown food whi''1free of harmful chemicals, and burst with more nutrition, taste and sustainable sustenance but it's only a small part foods people eat nowadays. To sum up present-day food is on a large sea worse than that of even recent past.

  7. Is it important to have a meal together with your family? 一家人一起吃饭重要吗?

  Well, definitely yes. I would even say family meals are vital for present-day families as they feed each family member not only physically but also emotionally helping them handle the stresses of daily life and the hassles of day-to-day existence. What is more, they provide children with the sense of security and togetherness, which has positive effects on child development and self-esteem. One more positive feature of family dinners I can mention is promoting more sensible eating habits as eating together with kids lets parents influence what they eat and provide a model for children carry with them into adulthood. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention one more advantage - family meals provide the opportunity for conversation letting relatives find out what's going on in each person’s life, review the day that’s passed and plan for the day that’s coming.

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